The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.
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What to Expect

If you are new to Flint, looking for a new church home or simply want a place to visit along your faith journey, here's what you will find at Church of the Harvest.

Services & Times
Regular service time is 10:30am on Sundays and typically last just under 90 minutes.

Worship Style
At Church of the Harvest we believe in vocalizing our thanksgiving to God through Praise, and making visible our expressions of Worship Our style is blended traditional while being upbeat and lively.   Bishop Neal Roberson is a teacher, preacher and counselor who breaks down the Word through analogies, audience participation and visual aides. Whether you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, are new to the Word of God, or have been saved for many years this Word is for you.   Expect powerful preaching that is aimed at drawing the heart to God and applying God's truth to our day to day experiences.

You will find young and older families, kids, singles, etc. Members come from all faith backgrounds and economic levels. The common denominator in our congregation is our desire to connect with God and one another.

There is no dress code at Church of the Harvest. You will find some members wearing suits and dresses while others choose a more casual attire. Our goal is for you to be comfortable.

Come In
At each entrance you will find greeters who desire to serve and direct you.  Feel free to ask them any questions or to point out any concerns you may have. They will also make a guest card available to our first time guest so that we may properly thank you for visiting.

What about the Youth?

It is very important to us that each individual has an opportunity to connect with God on their own personal level. Our LIFE Youth Ministry is led by Pastor Shawn Dunigan.  They gather for LIFE Church every Saturday at 5:00 pm and the word of God is delivered on a level for them to understand. If you are interested, please inform the greeters and they will direct you to any of our Youth Ministry leaders for more information.

Tuesday Bible Study

Every Tuesday at 6:45pm Bible Study offers the perfect opportunity to go deeper into God's Word. It is just an extension of Sunday service.  The goal of Bible Study is to explain and expound on a particular scripture or topic. If you are wrestling with a biblical passage or have some unanswered questions, Bible study offers a time to interact with our Senior Pastor.